Counting Down the Best Leather Accessories for Men

As a style concerned man, it can be hard to find accessories that make your style feel invigorated and fresh. Male fashion recommendations can often feel a little single note, with everything made of the same wool textiles and every styling reminding you of suiting styles. In this environment, any detail that makes your style feel new can be extremely invaluable in distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack.

One of the best ways to mix it up is by using some nontraditional textiles. Leather is ideal for fulfilling this role. It's waterproof and completely on trend, making it a great fusion of practicality and fashion. Here's our list of the best leather accessories for men, designed specifically for any man trying to jump start their style revolution

1. Leather Gloves

Warm, water resistant, and pulled together, leather gloves look professional while delivering top of the line functionality. They're warmer than wool gloves, and also longer lasting (with proper leather conditioning). Leather gloves are also entirely stain proof, and can be cleaned effortlessly using a damp cloth. You can even get them customized to fit your hands perfectly.

2. Leather Loafers

The perfect casual but not too casual shoe. This style of shoe is the definition of business casual, and evokes a coastline style. Good quality leather loafers can last for years and years, although they should be professionally conditioned every few years to preserve structure and mask scratches.

3. Leather Belt

This one might seem obvious, but leather belts always reign supreme when it comes to judging the best leather accessories for men. A good leather belt adds instant class to any outfit, and can even add some stylish flair. Try leather belts in a number of different color treatments, and notice how it instantly changes the vibe of your outfit. For the less bold, color edged belts are a good way to ease in.